Delete or archive LinkedIn messages in bulk

Delete or archive LinkedIn messages in bulk

Delete or archive LinkedIn messages in bulk? Why not?

Yesterday I logged into my LinkedIn account and I was surprised by the number of incoming messages that I received in the past 2 months.

I started looking around for an easy way to delete them, but there is actually no way to delete or archive LinkedIn messages in bulk!

Isn’t that silly?

The 1st thing I did was to search for any tools created for this purpose, but unfortunately, all available tools were JavaScript snippets that had to be pasted in the browser’s console, but nothing was working.

So I decided to do some good deeds and create a script that will be able to delete or archive LinkedIn messages in bulk. At least somebody in my position could save some time.

Recently I heard a lot of good words for Puppeteer, so I decided to give it a try and automate the process of deleting or archiving my LinkedIn messages in bulk. I’m aware that a JavaScript code that can be pasted in the browser’s console is more friendly to people without any programming background, but I really wanted to try this tool.

The Puppeteer surprised me! It is really solid! You can easily automate most of the manual tasks and bear with me – in no time!

So I rolled up my sleeves and in about an hour and a half, my first Puppeteer tool was ready and working as expected.

Since it’s a NodeJS project there are some requirements to fulfill before running it:


  • Nodejs version > 10.16
  • Google Chrome
  • To be logged in to your LinkedIn account on the Google Chrome browser
  • 3 minutes to set the script up

All other necessary steps are described in the Github repository.

As always I’m open to suggestions and tool requests submitted via the contact form.

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