DOGECoin wallet balance checker

DOGECoin wallet balance checker

DOGECoin wallet balance checker – check any DOGECoin wallet balance and transactions in seconds

These days I got obsessed with DOGECoin(yeah, me too), so I joined some exchange websites and invested in the currency, as it showed massive growth in the past few days.

My main problem? I wanted to check my wallet often. Doing it via the official web page was way too slow for me, so I created this small application that does the tedious job for me in seconds. Besides, it remembers my wallet address, so I don’t have to paste it every time.

I made the application as simple as possible(and as quick as possible), so I can check my wallet anytime I get the DOGE hype.

In order to check any wallet balance and transactions in the application you just have to type, or paste a DOGECoin wallet address and slide the check button. The application will fetch the wallet’s data by using the publicly available API and present it on your device screen. It will also display some useful information such as the current DOGECoin price and the wallet amount in USD.

Some screenshots and a short video:

Disclaimer: The DOGECoin wallet balance and transactions checker requires an internet connection in order to check the current wallet data and DOGECoin prices. The application is not free for use. It costs ~ 1 USD.

By paying this small price you are getting an application that doesn’t contain any annoying advertisements impacting the user experience and you’re directly supporting me as a developer.

Get it on Google play

As always if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me by using this contact form!

The application’s icon is downloaded from:

Dogecoin icons created by Nimblechapps – Flaticon

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