Just some random thoughts

Hello again!

Did you miss me?

Sorry for not being able to continue my Flutter series(portfolio actually), but I was really, really, busy since some unfortunate events happened in my life. I am not going to use any lame excuses, I am not going to apologize at all, actually.

Anyway, from now on I will try to post something new, at least once a week. This will be good for me, as I will have to keep my coding shape.

Also, I will shift my attention over raspberry, some surveillance tools and to the basic electronics, since I would love to build a security system for my house and an automated garden assistant as well. I really think that you will enjoy my journey and as always my code will be open-sourced.

So, as mentioned in the title – just some random thoughts. Nothing else.

I don’t know if someone is following my blog, but I just need to say that it will get interesting over time.