Finally decided to try Flutter

Today I finally decided to dig into Flutter and start learning it! Yay!

*Disclaimer: I’m not going to talk about technical stuff in this post. It’s simply describing a short story and my ambition to learn Flutter.

I suppose that everyone already knows what Flutter is, so I will skip the explanations and go right into my adventure.

As a JAVA developer I already have some experience creating android mobile applications, but let’s face it – it is really, really time-consuming, and if you decide to publish your app on other mobile platforms such as iOS, then you’re literally lost.

I had a look at Flutter a year ago, as one of my co-workers was getting crazy about it(and he was right), but I never had the time to dig into it and fully understand how it works. Now(better later than ever) I also got intrigued by it. The fact that you can use a single codebase for the currently supported platforms is simply amazing! This literally saves hundreds of working hours and headaches!

So, today I had a quick look at the stable version, installed the AVD and everything needed to run an app and I got surprised how well Flutter is actually performing!

I’m sure that this new technology will open a lot of freelancing jobs for mobile app developers and make the development process 100s times faster.

So, as I already said today I started digging into this amazing new world of Flutter and I’m pretty sure that in the next few weeks I will have a new portfolio post with a completed mobile application.

My first observations:

Flutter is using Dart as the main language, which is not hard to learn and understand as it shares a common syntax with the most of the modern programming languages.

The cool feature is that you can also write native code, for features that are not yet implemented.

The widgets:

From my point of view this is also an amazing idea that actually makes the development of an application really fast – since most of the components that you need are pre-built. This doesn’t mean that you can’t modify an existing widget. Don’t forget that Flutter is an open-source project.


As far as I was able to test as a beginner, there are no performance issues. The engine responsible for drawing the application on the screen seems pretty smart and well optimized.

I will be posting regular updates, as learning Flutter will be my main goal for the following few weeks.

So, thank you for reading this Sloppy article and stay tuned!